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  • I'm having a problem with a bird sprite. It always faces the right way but it sometimes turns upside down.

    It uses 8 direction with only left & right enabled. I cannot use platform instead because it flies (platform makes it go along the ground).

    Here are the settings. Anything else I can try to keep it right-side up?

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Can't really assist without a .capx as I don't know when it's being triggered.

  • Sorry I just can't share that. No offense!!! I have months worth of work into it. There doesn't seem to be any "set" time that it happens. The screenshot above shows all there is to the sprite in question.

  • It's probably an error with how you've triggered the animations to play when the player is moving in a certain direction. One of the events will be overriding another one. Whichever way it is facing when it is upside down, check other events that trigger this animation and make sure it's not overriding anything. I can't do much more without seeing the events. If you can't share the .capx then upload a demo of the game so we can see. If you export as HTML website and add to dropbox then users should be able to play a test version.

  • Actually, because it has bullet I removed those. This is the only other reference to the sprite's "direction":

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • this is just how I would do it.

    I am not sure what movement you are trying to achieve but I like to handle my left and right this way.

    Also I used platform as an example you can always use 8 directional but with the max fall speed set to 0 platform will just let you move left to right.

  • Is the crow the playable character? If so, I wouldn't use Bullet behaviour.

  • BACLog - Evidently I need to upgrade my version before I can open your cap. I only purchased this software a few months ago!? I will let you know...

    - no. As I said, those are the only controls. This is not a playable character

  • Turns out the version I have (r139) is the latest stable version. I'm not willing to install betas over a stable version so I won't be able to open your cap, sorry. Thanks

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  • I was wrong! I did find something else I didn't see before. This is on there. Could this be causing it? I think this has to be the problem. I'm just stumped how to solve it...

    <img src="" border="0" />

    This is to make the bird come toward you if you get close to it to try to make collision event.

  • I would say it could go upside down for a second when you disable Bullet behaviour.

  • nope removing that didn't help *sigh*. It seems to turn upside down when I approach it. The bullet is initially disabled on layer startup and the bird is sitting on a tree. When the player gets within 100 pixels the bird should fly toward the player.

    Currently it seems like when the player approaches within the 100 the bird flips upside down and flies away.

  • If there weren't any controls at all on it... and I asked you how you would write the controls for a bird... what would you say?

    I think I'm going to delete all the controls on it and start fresh. :(

  • If it's a bird flying across all axes across the screen then 8-direction. If it's a bird that goes left/right and jumps then use platform behaviour. Do not use bullet behaviour.

  • Eliyahna

    maybe it just bounces? :)

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