How do I Make a bird fly on cue

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  • I have a full bird animation that I want to fly upward when a player collides with an object, how do I go about it to get a smooth animation upwards?

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  • Hi Spittle, If you noticed every sprite has a system condition called "on collision with another object" now if you add that condition and select your object that your player will collide with, for the bird animation to start.

    Next to it add action from Bird sprite, and set animation to "fly" if you have it like that if not default or what is it, but usually when you type the double brackets opened ( --> "myanimation ) the animation fills in, and you can select from the list your sprite has.

  • Thanks alot, but the animation is a flight cycle in place, how do I move it upwards?

  • ah ... for that you need to move the object that has the animaiton up on Y axes easiest is "move at angle", set angle 270 which is up and number of pixels to move per frame value 5-10 for a flock of birds its going to work, as speed depends on your desire on how fast they should take off., then when its outisde the layout you can destroy it or reset its position

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