A Bingo Game, anyone?

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  • I would like to whip up a quick bingo demo, to see how feasible it would be. The idea is to eventually hook it up using web sockets or socket.io to a server sending out the balls etc.

    Does anyone have bingo type demo of any sort by any chance that they might want to share? The biggest issues will probably be scaling an moving items around to fit the multitude of mobile devices (HTML5 only - apps are not wanted, unfortunately).

    If the company likes the game client (the server is the easy part), there may be work=money in it!

  • What would you like the program to do? generate the random numbers, have a scorecard that you can click on when the numbers are called or have the program just stripe away the numbers for you?

    You're talking about a server sending out the balls, so what would the program have to do?

  • Hey-- its funny-- i am working on doing the same thing now && posted about it a few weeks back. I have the UI && UX put together and will mess with it some more as quick as i can get back to it. If you are REAL interested in it-- maybe we can partner up on the project. Mine is geared strictly for advertising as a work for hire project to a buyer who wants it. If so shoot me a message && glad to talk about it < i can use the help >.

    kind regards, mark-p.

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  • Hi, the bingo logic, and server side stuff, and socket communication is my bag, baby. Where I fall down is the client side graphics. E.g. animating a ball rolling, or popping up like you get on say chitchatbingo.co.uk. Where I really fail is popping up things like "game starting in 5.4.3".

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