Bind two Polygons to one physical Object

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  • Hi,

    anyone could help me finding a solution for binding 2 objects with physics behaviour to one visible object?

    its 2 stones with a hole in it, that are "hanging" on a bar.

    made a picture where u can see where this is going, the two stones should be movable along the bar.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    so the upper parts of the stones must be physically combined with the ones under the bar. of course, this will be one graphic later, so it looks like one physical object.


    regards xeed

  • I guess you should make a distance joint.

    Read again the two tutorials about the physic behavior: here and here.

  • thanks kyatric.

    since there will be little more space between the phx bhv areas and the bar, this would look kinda "hanging" with a distance joint between the upper and lower parts. the bar will not be linear as seen on the picture.

    you also got an idea to not let it look like hanging, but one massive object?

    edit: the lower parts of the stones should move exactly as the upper parts do, not just hang on them. sorry for my english. ^^

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  • please.. noone got an idea to "fix" the parts of the stones ?

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