How do I bind timer to one layout

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  • I have made a timer for a quiz game that I'm making for an assignment.

    The timer works perfectly but it works for all layouts, how do you bind a timer to one layout?

    My timer looks like this :

    Added Global Variable : Countdown = 5

    System : Every 1.0 seconds > System : substract 1 from Countdown

    System : Countdown = 0 > Go to layout

  • Are all layouts connected to same even sheet?

  • Yes, I didn't think of that, so I assume I need to add another event sheet and put my timer on that or something?

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  • Well I think it depends on your Events, you can still keep it all to one event sheet but put the timer event in a Group, and Set the group active whenever you want the timer to start, for example group called "Countdown".


    On Condition Met --- System --> Set Group "Countdown" Active

    Else ---> Set Group " Countdown" Inactive

    Ofcorse you have to add that under another event like compare variable or so.


    I am sure there are other ways but this what I can think of at the moment

  • Anyone else have any idea on how to get this to work on only one layout?

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