How do I billar pool

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  • I don't know how to start in this game. What behavior the balls and other elements need and what do the hit& the rebound?

  • You can use the Physics behavior. To create the hit effect from the stick to the cue ball you can use "create impact at angle" action from the physics object. The physics object will automaticaly rebound to solid object (you need to create the table sides using the Solid behavior).

    Oh, and you also need to set the gravity to zero because you will probably play the game top-down.

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  • apply physics effects on all ur balls, then bound them not to exit screen and they should just fall on bottom of screen cause default gravity for that issue go on events sheet and create >onstartLayout:yourfamily - physics-setworldgravity=0

    and you should have a pretty decent pool, now if u want to move the cue ball you just need to add impuls when mouse/click release, and for Cue stick to follow mouse/touch when pressed at position mouse.x mouse.y or cueball.x cueball.y if you want the cue stick not to move when u click the mouse and stick to the target other parts u can figure it out, also you can find a Pool2d.capx from biped or bipad on scirra forums for sure, sorry for opening the topic again i know is old,

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