How big can layouts be?

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  • Hi, I'm trying to make a platform game where the character's just one level and I want the layout to be pretty long. Right now its 9000 x 2048. It's much too short. How much longer can I make it? If I can't make it bigger, or it's too big, can you suggest other ways of making my game?


  • You could try a shoot at looking into procedural generation and the max size of a layout is 1000000x1000000.

  • Would it load on normal computers if its width was 27000...40000..etc.? LaDestitute

  • I think, if you do things properly by adding a scroll-to behavior for the player.

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  • Thanks so much! I'll try. Procedural generation seems to complicated for me right now..

  • Yeah, rightfully so. There are more than a few methods for procedural (or even random) generation, due to the fact that procedural generation is inherently somewhat complex and there isn't much complete and solid documentation or tuts on them in the C2 community, as a result, they're more of a 'check out and attempt to figure it out on your own for an hour' deal. I did tinker a bit in the past on my project with them. Still worth a shot to look into though, I'd say. I got one method nearly working, save for generating objects and in the case of adventure/RPGs, generating "biomes" correctly.

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