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  • I've started a project that includes bicycles and i have them down to a T working perfectly to how i want, But one probrem (-_-), The tires don't have enough friction so when i press accelerate the back wheel just spins about and the bike slowly moves.

    And i don't want no fake ass force pushing the bike from behind i want a properly physicked bicycle please. thankyou :).

    P.S: I've already tried messing around with friction and it does nothing :/.


  • Just a thought:

    Cant you calculate the distance from what the wheel should move ?

    (pi * diameter)

    based upon that, you have the actual distance from movement without friction.

    You could fake your own friction, by simply having it move less then it should :)

  • Thanks for the reply :). I have tinkered with allot of ideas like this but i always seem to get problems with them stuff like:

    getting movement in mid air, And movement whilst even upside down with no wheels of the floor :S.

    I don't understand what you mean by the second thing.

  • You could overcome those irratic movement by only having actual movement applied when the wheel is on collision with the ground ;)

    As for fake friction:   wheel turning indicates (example calc) 100px movement. If you then move only 90% of that distance, it could equal 10% friction.

  • Isn't the "if on ground" option for the platforming behavior? if so i tried this and the bike spazzed out and flew off the screen because the bike is fully physics lol :S.

    And im using things like torque i dunno maybe im coming at it all at the wrong angle maybe i need to start again sigh*.

  • I tend to make some of my own mechanics here and there.

    but I can imagine the physics getting bungled up ... had some goes at that myself already, though, I quickly came to realise that on occassion I want more more functionality from something, and go out of my way making it work ... while there are other solutions (read easier)... lol

    anyway, might be worth posting a file or link.

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  • Okay thanks :) link is at the top mate.

  • hi there :)

    I made some edits .. but;

    You might have to reevaluate what you tried up to now.

    As it looks, you only applied friction on the back wheel, and probably been looking at your running application, comparing effects with effects from your front wheel.

    Not sure if thats the case, but I did in first instance.

    It gives a total wrong picture of whats wrong/not working propperly.

    So I added friction to the front wheel too, because, as you move forward, pushed by the rear wheel, the front wheel drags itself in circles over the ground, by friction.

    Seeing as you are on top (bike > ground), I supose whats below deserves a bit more friction as it carries all the weight.

    I believe this results in a more propper mechanic.


  • YOU! MY FRIEND! ARE AWESOME! didn't even think of that so simple!

    a few more tweaks then i can get onto the proper game with good graphics and what not :) thanks again pal.

  • your very welcome :D nudge me a link when you got something running (demo/live) and I'll give it another whirl ^_^

  • I will do mate :) i was changing the friction of the wheel in the box at the side instead of doing it in the event sheet lol derp.

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