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  • If starting from scratch, is it beneficial to start with Construct Original with its plethora of examples and tutorials, or to persevere with Construct 2?

    Is the only real difference the HTML5 thing, or can C2 actually do more?

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  • Welcome, you might want to read this tutorial that should answer a bunch of your questions.

  • Utternoob, I started out using Construct 2 and have never used Construct Classic. The biggest obstacle I have encountered is when developers in the Construct 2 forums reference some feature that is available in CC, and talk about their issue, or whatever, in that context. It just sometimes takes me a little longer to figure out what they are talking about.

    Other than that, starting with C2 has been a really good experience. I can tell that all of Ashley's and Tom's experience with CC has made C2 a really good product from the start, and it will only get better.

    You should consider that C2 is still in beta, so it may be missing some standard features and/or contain bugs. On the other hand, though, it's kind of exciting to be involved in something new and still in the development stages, which gives you the opportunity to help direct its future by requesting features and pointing out improvements and bugs.

    You should also consider your goals in game development. I am a pure hobbyist. I don't really care if I ever make money with a game or not. I just do it because I love it. Thus, I am not worried so much about C2's current state or when it will have certain features.

    If your goal is to make some money as a developer (which is a reasonable goal) then you may want to look at CC instead, since it is much more mature and has a larger base of support.

    These are just my opinions, based on my experiences so far, so take them for what they are. I'm sure some of the more experienced developers will have more relevant opinions.

    Good luck!

  • Two extremely helpful answers. Thank you.

    I think I'm going to like it here.

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  • Actually, speaking as someone who is trying to make some money with construct, I would recommend using C2. It might be a while before the EXE exporter comes out, but it gives you MUCH more flexibility with being able to export to more platforms. More platforms, more potential customers. Not to mention C2's usability is much improved.

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