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  • Hello World,

    So I'm working at the menu and I have 2 ways to design it from what I can figure, but I'm not sure which is the best way to go. Can you guys please give me the pros and cons of each?

    Option 1:

    The game loads and the first menu layout appears. It has some buttons let's say "start game", "options", "credits", "quit" etc. If you press start game you are taken to a new layout that has other buttons(level 1, level 2, back, etc.) you get the idea, almost each button you press takes you to another layout that has it's own buttons and you just keep going from layout to layout. All buttons, images, etc. are positioned by me in advance.

    Option 2:

    Only 1 layout for the menu, all buttons, images, etc. are placed somewhere out of view from the begining and I just use create/delete events to draw the buttons when and where I need them. For example when the game loads I have event on start of layout create object "start game"(at pos x,y), create object "options", etc. If you press start game then I have event delete object "start game", delete object "options", etc. and event create object level 1, create level 2.... You get the idea, right?

    I'm sure the are better ways to design your game and I'll proly learn them in time, for now I'd appreciate it if you just help me choose between these 2 guys as there already is a lot of info swirling around inside my head and too much more would just confuse me. And I hate being confused.

    If I didn't explain things well enough please let me know and I'll try to be clearer.

    Thank you all very much.

  • It depends on your end goal. Objects have a "global" property which makes it pretty easy to have a global UI across all of your game's layouts. With that in mind I think option one would be visually and logically easier to develope. You can always go back and rework things when you have a better feel.

  • You're right, I suppose I forgot to state my goal. What I want to know is which of those 2 is better optimization wise guys, so that the game runs better, is smaller in size, etc.

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  • The difference at that scale is insignificant. Neither would provide a difference in performance.

    Even if you had thousands of dialog option, segmenting it into different layouts would not improve performance because the UI elements are already loaded.

    There is the other point as well, that when clicking a button performance does not matter if the layout doesn't have a bunch of movement in it.

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