How do I have better control of image points

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  • Hello,

    I want to implement the following:-

    To smaller sprites are pinned to a larger sprite via image points (1 and 2). I want to manipulate the larger sprite, and the two smaller sprites are moved accordingly. Now, if I rotate the larger sprite for example, the imagepoints are rotated too. However, if I resize the larger sprites, the imagepoints stay where they are, they do not move then the larger sprite is resized. Please see the demo .capx for an example of this.

    I want to be able to manipulate the larger sprite and the imagepoints be relocated along with the larger sprites manipulation.


  • tekkendp

    the image points do move as you change the size of the blue sprite. But the green sprites just stick to the original position where they were pinned - so you need to unpin them, move them to the new image point locations, and re-pin them when you change the size of the blue sprite.

    and since the green sprites are the same object, you will have to pick the first instance, move it to imagepoint 1, then pick the second instance, move it to imagepoint 2.

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  • Thanks AllanR. I've done it a little differently, but you hints pointed me in the right direction - Fixed!!!

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