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  • Hello guys i need some help here..

    im working for personal project with Grid base game D&D for GM tool's ...

    for each Monster/Hero/Npc i use 1 sprite .. the mostner have i sprite, Hero 1 sprite and nPc 1 spite with alots frames..

    The player can select a M/H/N from difference list to spawn on Grid map.(listMonster, listHero,listNpc)

    (exp MonsterBTN on click - System | Create object MonsterSpawn on layer "objects" at (mouse.x("objects") ,mouse.Y("objects"))

    -MonsterSpawn | set animation frame to listmonster.selecterindex..

    etc etc

    i want to make a personal Stats for each creature in game Monster/Hero/Npc Token.

    Stats: Name , str,Int,Dex, etc etc Hp,LVL, weapon list , spell list , thaco , speed factor and more staff's

    (also at use a Segment ):

    the segment is a number count who creature play first, a Gm roll a d10 dice for each creature in map, the lower play first. If d10 dice + Speed Factor = X number count,(Exp. if Speed Factor is 2 from personal stats on creature and the roll is 6 the creature play 8rd etc etc..Also if creature have same round with another creature,

    the creature with High Dex play first.. both creature play on same Round..

    also at some Creature have a spell book:

    Every spell have Area Effect around the Creature for exp:

    a creature Mage use a Fire ball .. the fire ball have area effect 30 feet , every grid is 3 feet and creaute stay in the midle. So when a mage use spell the area effect spawn around the Token Mage and GM can see where is the max range from spell .. etc etc..and the arrea effect can be change the feet +2 per lvl. if mage is 5 lvl the fire ball now is 40 feet etc etc..

    (my grid is 64x64 token have same size 64x64 = 3feet)

    the Grid is a simple TiledBackground 64x64

    all creature have position: round(mouse.X("Objects")/64)*64 and Y)

    now Where is My Big Question:

    i stuck now in my project cause i need to connect all this staff for persnonal stats together i dont know if:

    1. this project can work with 1 spirte with alots Frame's?? or need to make for evry creature 1 sprite??

    2. need Arrays for grid base and pesronal stats for each creature? or not?

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