What is best/easiest way to share external map/level files?

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  • Is there a simple way to distribute external maps/level with some form of basic protection? I know how to load JSON data in C2, but that would need (well not need, but I'd want it) encryption. I have a forthcoming need to distribute external levels made by an editor. What format should that level editor output?

  • Reading this...

    https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/328/us ... onstruct-2

    However, I'd still need/want some kind of crypto plugin. Has anyone built one?

  • Actually, encrypting the JSON files sounds like a really good solution. Seems that Kyatric was working on something a while back, but it looks like that never got off the ground. Still, there are a number of javascript cryptography libraries which might be turned into a plugin.

    Are you trying to prevent users from learning map secrets by reading map files? Or are you trying to make sure everyone is playing on the same map in a multiplayer game? If it's the latter, you can usually get away with a hash instead of full encryption.

    Understand that you can't be entirely secure. At some point, you have to accept that your game is running on someone else's hardware. You can however, make it a huge pain in the butt to cheat, and encryption will accomplish this.

    Ninja Edit:

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  • Yes, need to ensure same map in multiplayer mobile game. I keep looking at the JS SDK info an wishing I had time to write a plugin. Sadly, it may happen some time later I'll have no other choice but to make time for it

  • Kyatric CB hash plugin should work fine! Run the JSON map data through that on export/import. Nice.

    bladedpenguin, Kyatric Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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