Best Way To Do Sprite Animations

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  • Hey, Guys.

    Long time, no see. Been gone for about 2 years, making game assets pretty much full time.

    Not sure if anyone remembers me, but about 2 years ago I came up with a quick prototype of what I actually wanted to do in a month.

    I remember it not being so easy as everyone pretty much ignored my initial questions until I started posting code examples, but in retrospect that turned out to be a really good thing as I learned a lot about Construct 2 and came up with some great code.

    Well, I'm back to the coding aspect for the prototype.

    Gonna fire what may sound like a ridiculous question, but what is the best way to do sprite animation in Construct 2 these days?

    I found a lot of links on the forums and some people import from sprite sheets? Never actually made one of these, so not sure what the best way is.

    I also have an old Ashley Space Blaster game and there the animation frames are individual files? Or does Construct 2 need a sprite sheet by default and then chops it pop.

    I have a very high end animation for the player ship. Works perfectly in Photoshop. Question is, where to go from there? Any links for actually making a sprite sheet properly?

    My animation is basically for the player ship tilting to the side left/right.

  • No need for spritesheets, you can import each frame from it's own file if that's what you'd like..

    right click the animation-editor, choose add frame and load from disk in the image editor..

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  • will no one acknowledge the sonic reference ?Nobody ? Oh well

  • Thanks guys, very much appreciate this.

    I have a zillion posts and things I learned saved from the time when I was first learning Construct 2. Seemed easy then. Hard now. Not exactly sure what happened to my brain. But interestingly in all those things I had saved I could not find an answer to this simple question.

    Thank you very much!

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