What is the best way to spawn enemies in a platformer.

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  • I am looking to spawn enemies in a plaforming game using spawn triggers. I want to spawn multiple at different times through my level.

    Anyone have any recommendations?

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  • i would just make a infinite runner but have it as a plat former and have them spawn randomly

  • I would have an invisible spawner wherever you want to put it (in Ultima Online for instance, the monster spawners are little stone graphics with properties telling it what to spawn and how many, which is where I got the idea from). For a platformer it's no different. Just have a spawner sprite, and if it's spawned an enemy, have a variable or boolean switch on so it won't spawn any more, and if the enemy spawned is dead, switch the var back off so it can spawn another enemy.

  • roracle, I have done that, but i keep having troubles making it work right. At least without me having to make a ton of global variables for each enemy. I have 3 different enemy types that I keep trying to spawn using a spawn trigger and a spawner sprite. I even set up a function that would spawn them but if i want to duplicate it then i have to copy and past it and change the sprite spawner and the spawn trigger every time. Plus I have to change the conditions for the boolean.

  • This is what I have so far. Works great for one spawner but not so much if I want more than 1 spawner.

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