Best Settings for Physics to prevent sticking

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  • I have some blocks that fall from the sky next to each other. Sometimes the physics gets stuck and the blocks don't fall. It's a puzzle game, so it's like bejeweled etc.

    I started with the example puzzle template, but I tweaked it a little to add more blocks etc.

    What combination of physics settings, bounding boxes seem to work the best to prevent any sticking while falling? Given the blocks are right next to each other. Should I just move them a pixel over?

    Any advice is appreciated :D

    Update: Here is an example, the brown block should be falling down. But it is stuck, when a new block falls on it, it will knock it down I think.

    <img src="" border="0" />

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  • You'll probably want to make the collision polygons or the size of the blocks a tad smaller.

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