How do I Get Best Project Settings For Cacoon JS exporting

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  • Iv'e been working with construct 2 and exporting with cacoon js for about a year now. Over all this time I have been unable to find a clear description of how to format my game to be exported without any bugs. This being said I want to be clear that I am not simply asking for what is or isn't supported by the cloud compilation. I am wondering I need to limit the amount of code under a certain amount or objects stored in the game or even the number of layouts or size of .or even a total size for the app.

    Please help me get my APP going strong

  • Any bugs in your game would be from the actual Systems and Actions that you have put into your game, which you will find and fix through testing the game for a little while, other than that there are performance tips regarding exporting to Android and its sub categories like Cocoonjs and Crosswalk.




  • well I've read all of those. Trying to learn if there are any limits to the amount of objects/behaviors/event sheets/families,groups,animations,variables ,etc etc that the cacoon js wrap can support before breaking. if any. as it seems my app stopped exporting correctly after adding a simple start screen with a touch to go to lay out as the only command on the even sheet for it. but now game does nott work with cacoon js

  • I had this problem when I had a layout sized PNG as a background, 720*1280, i had to change it to a tiled background with something similar to my original scene. I had only a black screen on start-up up, seems like too much RAM usage at the beginning

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  • YOU ARE A WIZARD! after reading your post I knew what was wrong without having to look.I had added a huge sprite that worked as a scrolling tutorial on the start screen but that bad boy was 6000x987. Deleted that and now i'm Solid ty so much. The exact size we can have a sprite needs to be in a tutorial

  • The sprite size limitations are documented in the manual and the beginner tutorials I believe, as well as in the blog articles on performance optimizations and issues.

  • blow my mind and post a link?

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