Best way to do multilevel?

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  • Hi everyone,

    I want to launch a game with multiple levels. Currently I've designed around 50 and planning to add 20 - 30 every week.

    This is going to be an Android/iPhone app only. What is the best way to design multilevel?

    1. Duplicate event sheets?

    Currently for the "game" event sheet there's about 2,500 events. So if I were to duplicate event sheets and layouts it's going to be a lot of events in the future. Say 100 levels is going to be 250,000 events and 1000 levels is going to be 2,500,000 events altogether. Is this going to affect gameplay performances?

    2. Include event sheet?

    I tried to use a "level" event sheet to design all the levels and include it in the main game event sheet. However, it causes the game to lag severely even though there are only a few levels. Not sure if I did something wrong.

    3. Group and design all levels in "game" event sheet?

    This is what I am currently doing now and has no issue with gameplay performances.

    Appreciate any suggestions.


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  • if the levels share the same functionality and basic rules, then using one event sheet would make life much easier - especially if you want to make some minor change that would affect all levels.

    you could create groups on the main event sheet and disable any groups that may not apply to certain levels to cut down on unnecessary processing.

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