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  • Hi all,

    I know there are a LOT of topics about monetizing but there isn't any that shows you how to integrate a SDK instead of plugins.

    I did try Airpush a while ago and i think i got it to work ( i never seen any ad but it shows me some impressions so ye.. i guess it works ).

    Now, i finally know how to normally integrate a SDK but yet i have no freaking clue how to show ads when and where.

    If i have 5 layouts, i want to show a ad between the switch from layout 4 to layout 5.

    I used the Airpush SDK.

    I imported my Phonegap build to Eclipse.

    In Eclipse i added the SDK steps and files.

    Views are getting counted but i've never seen a ad myself.

    Please is there any one out here who can tell me the best way to monetize and how precisely.

    Look i know there are those plugins and stuff but i am looking for some other monetizing like wall ads and overlay ads and not banners. So i am kinda forced to use a SDK and build it in myself with Eclipse ( Would be SO D*MN AWESOME if any one could create a airpush/leadbolt plugin! )

    Thanks in advance and please help us all out, i'm pretty sure there are alot more that are curious about this one!


  • Hi all,

    Since i did not have any awnsers i will bump my little problem.

    I really got 10 games waiting for Google Play and almost finishing my 11th application.

    Reason i did not put them on the market is because i really want to know the best way for monetizing my app.

    If any 1 has any tip please help me out! :)

    Thanks in advance!

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  • first of all - I can't really help you with the technical stuff sry - but..but why not put one of you projects up on google play and do a little betatest to make sure your adds are showing ? I would be happy to help...

  • Hi Kali,

    I actually did launch a app with Airpush in it to test.

    It works i guess, since i earn some cents on only 40 downloads.

    Yet i have totally no control on showing ads where i want when i want.

    As example: I want to show a wall ad if a person is 30 seconds in a layout.

    With a SDK i can not do that. What really would help out is a plugin so you can show ads where you like when you want.

    Now i want to show a banner ad at a specific place but again i have no clue how :(

    Also i keep on using Phonegap instead of CocoonJS. And i want to keep using Phonegap.

    I love Construct2 ALOT! It really has some cool functions and is usable for almost anyone. But the only thing i really miss is some nice advertising methods.

    I think we all know that if you make a public app the main goal is to earn money. With construct2 you can make the best games ever, but at the end there is almost no monetizing way. And thats a pitty!

  • ydrkk.. I can see why that sucks.. you really need to be able to control and optimize where and when adds are placed..

    you mind posting a google play link to your game - I'm kinda curious to see how the adds work in their current state - and of coruse try your game :)

  • Great topic here. I was going to try the phonegap way also. And using Mopub with cocoonjs just keeps showing test ads. There are some ad companies who offer a JavaScript version of there sdk and wish someone could create a plugin for them.

  • There is that has a Construct2 plugin that does most everything for you. They manage the ads and take a small cut. Worth it on how easy they've made it.

    I only just added it to Pucked, so it's only made me 2 cents with about 50 views.

    The loading ad I turned on in the Clay website. The ad in the play window is added inside Construct2 by selecting the size, and placing it like a sprite.

    (you can also control refresh time, but I didn't try that yet.)

  • Hi Paradox.

    I have alot of respect for etc but for me it's not where i see the millions ( im just saying ). The cut is about 50-70% which, in my opinion is way to much.

    All options we got now is The reason there are so many SDK's and ad companies available is because everybody wants freedom and test what is the best monitizing technique and stuff.

    I want some plugins for programs like Airpush and Leadbolt.

  • Hi all,

    Sorry for this bump, but after this long ( 3 weeks ) i still have no clue to advertise at it's best.

    I did try some Airpush a while ago, and i succeed, but it works like crap. I did try it for a second time, and even that one i fail to build it in again.

    Again, i love Construct 2 but i'm getting pretty sick that i don't have any good advertising method. I got 9 applications waiting simply because i do not have a clue how to monetize them. I wan't to put them in Google Play now.

    Again, if any 1 has any tip, plugin or w/e so i can get some good advertising please let me know. I am not looking for banner ads. What i am looking for are full page ads for some seconds and stuff.

    Please help me out here, im getting really desperate!

  • I read somewhere Darklinki uses smaato for their mobile advertisements.

    Maybe something to look into?

  • I took a look to it, but it seems that also Smaato uses a SDK.

    I just wish there was some one who could make a plugin to add advertising sdk's :(

    Still have no clue how to monetize my apps :(

  • You can always use Podes HTML iFrame plugin to show whatever ads you want. Others have said this works with leadbolt (not via cocoonjs from what I have been able to find so far). Then you can put the ads wherever you want as they are placed like a sprite. Also showing ads between layouts doesn't really work. What you need are layouts just for your ads and go to those layouts before/after your main layouts.

  • I also have interest in this subject. It really would be interesting if there were plugins to facilitate monetization of games, which I believe is the main reason we bought the program and study it for so long.

    Allardje: I have a curiosity about why you have chosen to use phonegap instead of cocoon: your games don`t require WebGL or you optimize them to run at phonegap?

  • I know this is an old discussion but is there any articles that explain how to monetize your app in detail? Specifically Android platform.

    I have been searching and all I find are older posts like this one (or I have simply missed a more modern indepth discussion or tutorial?).

    Sounds like anyone who wants to release an app created in Construct 2 has to WING it.

    If anyone has found a better way, they don't appear to share there results/experience?

    Any further suggestions would be welcome.

    We did find this website showing supposedly top 8 ad networks. ... hould-try/

    It seems to be the implementation that is tripping us up.

  • Heya, Well old topics are mostly the most useful once after re-opening it since everybody moved on and had a solution somehow <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    For me i just started focusing on In-App purchases.

    As far as advertising i simply use Admobs for some backup revenue but those cents really aren't cutting it.

    My new application will be included with a one-time payment of $2 to remove ads and get some extra's in game.

    Never really looked into any other advertising options really.. I didn't test any of them yet but most advertisement plugins from Cranberry will do the trick.

    Check this pack ... ugins-1662.

    Again, i didn't look into it myself but i do know these files are included:















    I think that will bring a lot to the table talking about revenue <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">.

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