What is the best moment to preload AdMob Ads?

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  • here is my question :

    I preloaded a banner on start of layout. then when the character dies, it will execute show banner ad action.

    (I didn't use 'On banner ad received' condition).

    sometimes, the banner shows up (after waiting about 30 seconds), but sometimes it does not,

    what seems to be the problem? thanks.

    PS : I'm pretty sure my internet is working.

  • I usually do it the same way as you do. Create on Start an show on End of layout. In my experience it only takes 1-3 seconds for the banner to preload from AdMob.

    But if you aren't running TEST ads, then ads does not always show. Ads will show when there is one to show, if AdMob has served you with one. I would say that normal is getting 1 out of 3, but some days there are less shown also during certain hours there are less ads delivered. This is because the advertisers have declared when and where and to whom they want their ads to appear to.

    So if you get the TEST ads to show up, then everything is working fine!

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  • oooo....

    so there's nothing wrong with my code, right?

    thanks for your answer

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