Best Method of Scoring for Auto Runner?

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  • I'm creating an Auto Runner game and i wanted to know whats the best mothod of keeping score with this?

    I'm aware of the Auto Runner Template, the scoring there is OK, but after testing it out, if the player gets stuck between blocks or goes off screen on the left, the score still goes on, which i don't want.

    I've currently change the scoring to the following


    Player (X > 0)


    System (Add Platform.Bullet.Speed * dt to TotalDistance)

    I find that this does work better, does have a slight issue where scoring carries on for a little bit if the player falls off the screen or crashes into a block.

    I just wanted to know is there a better way of keeping score with an Autorunner or are there an tweaks i could add to my scoring?

    Any suggestions would be helpful.


  • rayray The scoring in my auto runner is based on time. I don't care how far they have gone, just how long they survived. If they get stuck on something, oh well. the extra two seconds of score they get isn't a huge deal.

    My game also has bonus items that add to the score too.

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  • Yeah i suppose theres not alot of variation you can add to the scoring on an Auto Runner unless bonus items are included. It is something i've been considering adding to mix things up.

    Thanks for reply.

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