Best method for exporting android physics based mobile app

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  • So its been ages since I made any progress on my BMX racing game (2015). I found that even on my S5 it would suffer performance problems and that was only with one bmx character on the screen. I never got to adding computer AI / multiplayer or finishing the basic engine.

    I am wondering if there are enough improvements with XDK or Cocoon now its been over a year to get this back up and feasible?

    Can anyone help with the best / fastest performance for building in both?

    • XDK seems so many options now so its a little confusing. Do I export as HTML / Cordova? Then in XDK itself theres lots of options now
    • Cocooon.IO seems simpler. Export to HTML5 and zip. Grab and drop onto the new cloud builder and then 3 choices there. Webview, Webview+ and Canvas+. I've heard Canvas+ should perform best but it resizes my screen to the bottom corner for some reason in view, despite the touch controls triggering in the correct places.

    My game uses body parts for a ragdoll effect and uses the standard physics. I appreciate I may get better performance if I start from scratch using Chipmunk physics?

    I tried to find some up to tutorials on all this but couldn't. I am hoping there are some new optimizations and tips to help bring this back to life as I really don't want to try and learn to rewrite in different software =(


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