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  • hey,

    i make something like an rpg where you can upgrade you house.

    Lets say i am on lvl 1 and get a brown house and on lvl 2 a green house etc.

    Now what is the best option to change the image from one to another? since C2 doesnt support spawning objects by name, i thought of adding all the different images to a animation and just change the frame after every update, but would this dont take to much memory space because i think an animation sprite loads all the animationframes at once.

    I dont want to make a event for every lvl, i just want to make a function that goes to the other image by just looking to the number of the lvl.

    Other question:

    Is it possible to spawn an object A with the imagepoint 2 to the object B imagepoint 3?

    Because normaly the only thing you can make is to spawn object A's origin point to object B's imagepoint of choice.

  • If I understand you correctly, you're on the right track. You could use "On Start of Layout 》Set Animation" to set which house. Each animation has it own set of image points. C2 always uses the image points of the current animation showing.

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  • Yes just use frame no at start of your layout. You wont use much memory

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