Best way to handle 45 full screen images?

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  • Hi Everyone,

    this is my first post, since this is the first time Construct2 has really stumped me!

    I'm creating a game whereby along the way you 'unlock' pages of a picture book I wrote/illustrated.

    The problem is each is a full-screen image so loading them into a sprite sheet at 1080p (there's 45 pages) would presumably crash pretty much any phone on the market...! The images are black and white so hopefully aren't in and of themselves going to make the filesize too big...I think this is more a ram issue?

    I considered loading from URL but I can't guarantee someone will have internet access at the time of viewing and don't want it to bug out.

    What is the best approach memory-wise? This really is an integral feature of my game so dropping it isn't an option unfortunately.

    Is it a question of creating 45 separate layouts with 1 page in it's own dedicated sprite per layout?

    any help or advice very much appreciated,

    thank you!


  • I have a solution for you, your problem is that all images are full screen, so load your images in a small size, and then when the user enters a page the image automaticly scales up (you need to create some events) rather then all images are big size from the beginning and it will cause blocking the user's ram.

  • I see what you mean, that won't really work with my setup unfortunately...

    the player cycles through the pages using the buttons on the right

    does anyone have any ideas how best to load in/or cycle through these?

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  • Can you show an example of how page looks like? Maybe it could be split to smaller objects and instead of making one big image, recreate it in C2 from smaller images.

    If that's not the case, you can always use one image for one layout and make each image separate object. So on each layout only one image is loaded into a memory.

    Anyways having 45 full hd images should not be a problem, but if there's another way to go then you should definitely go that way.

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