Best way to do gravity? (Performance)

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  • So I have a simple game for iOS,

    and it runs perfectly well on my pc but on CocoonJS Launcher it runs on 4 FPS (which is horrible),

    and it must be because I have 56 blocks (with solid behaviour) and I need them to have gravity,

    so the easiest way I found was to give them platformer behaviour and just disable controlls,

    that way they don't move and have gravity, but that is ridiculous for a good performance.

    What should I do for the blocks to have gravity and the game to run better/faster?

    Custom movement negative vertical speed would be as bad as platformer behaviour?

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  • It's not clear what your blocks are doing? Falling? Are they act as platforms? Are they all "on screen" at once? Sounds like something else. More details and a screen shot would help or better yet a .capx.

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