What is the best and easiest way to export to iOS

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  • I thought I had iOS export figured out with the xdk but since the xdk update the cordova export simply shows a black screen the iPhone but works in the xdk emulator. Is there any way that is simply straight forward to export to iOS? Im about done with these finicky xdks, and phonegaps!

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  • Im with you. I had a process down to export to iOS when Ejecta/XDK was still around but now the sound doesn't work with a C2 iOs export to XDK.

    I've asked till I'm blue in the face but never get a definitive answer on the iOS -XDK export. All I get is the same regurgitation of outdated tutorials and 'other ways' of performing the process.

    Perhaps Ashley could chime in?

  • I would not mind paying 100 dollars just for an iOS export extension like some of the other game creation tools. This would save me so much time and frustration just having a file ready to submit and not have to worry if my game will work the next xdk update and create another revenue stream for c2.

  • are you using any 3rd party plugins, how much memory is your game using, what ios version are you testing with, what iphone are you testing with all these matter when you need help with something like this. you shouldnt be having any issues i use the xdk and it works just fine

  • For me, Im using the admob plugin only. The game uses little memory, iOS testing uses all default of C2 and XDK, testing on iPhone 4s.

    volkiller - does audio work on your iOS device? Are you exporting from C2 as Cordova and then building in XDK?

    Thanks for you help.

  • construct 204.2

    intel xdk 8.3

    c2 204.2

    iOS 8.3

    no plugins

    imac 5k

    I will export to cordova and then upload them into the intel xdk. From there I will select a project name and then the window with project results pops up. I will skip the source option, skip the use cordova plugins option, and select game project box and then click next. It will run in the xdk emulator but not on the phone and just show a black screen.

    Update I uploaded a game project and then did not select the game project option in the window and now it will work on the phone but not in the xdk emulator which I am ok with.

  • could you tell me how as what file output did you get from intelxdk like .ipa or a zip file ???

  • volkiller730

    So the Intel XDK gives you an .ipa?

    What about the complete process, can you resume the main steps to publish it to the App Store?

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