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  • i was reading about performance of construct 2, the best way to avoid performance issues is avoiding every tick and physics as much as you can, then my question is if i have a sprite that drops an object which is the best way to do this? with platform behavior or physics? for example my sprite have a weapon, if i kill the sprite then the sprite will drop the weapon sprite, the only way to drop the weapon naturally is with platform behavior or physics in the weapon sprite, i put an example:

    if sprite destroyed -> weapon sprite ( enable physic or platform behavior) , if weapon sprite overlap floor sprite then -> disable physics or platform behavior of weapon sprite.

    The capx:

    i am worried about performance issues if i have a lot of sprites on screen dropping weapons etc.. etc.. and of course the AI CPU consumption.

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  • Well, as Ashley always says - the best way to know for sure is to test it out and measure the difference. If you are targeting mobile, then I would avoid physics if there is any other way to do something (and there almost alway is). Although, for the very short time a weapon will take to fall to the ground, it may work just fine. Platform behaviour would probably have less of an impact on performance, but I don't think the weapon would fall flat on the ground as realisticly without some manual coding.

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