best way to create dialog on layout as popup

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  • hi,

    I am creating a dialog selection on the game , what is the best strategy with respect to memory consumption and performance in construct2 if i want a new dialog display over my layout like a popup dialog.

    a) Should i create a new layout for dialog and then call it somehow on my main layout and then display it with small width and height to show as a popup??

    b) Should i create a dialog using images with small width and height to adjust on the same main layout and hide it till i require it?


  • What do you mean by dialogue, in this question?

    Best way would probably be to create the dialogue on a different layer and set the layer invisible untill you need it. You could then set all responsive stuff on that layer to not respond by adding an is layer visible condition. The same you could do for the game mechanics by putting them in a group and disabling them when dialogue-layer is visible.

    you could also work with creating and destroying the sprites that make up the dialogue when needed.

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  • sorry it was typo :it is Dialog not dialogue

    thanks for your reply will do that way.

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