Best way to use controls for a mobile car/driving game?

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  • Hello,

    My car game is almost finished, and I am currently using a thumbstick to drive the car around.

    The traffic is vertical only and the player needs to drive vertically.

    Of course, to overtake cars you need flexible controls.

    The thumbstick works, but I'm thinking it could be much better.

    Like use a thumbstick for steering, and seperate two buttons for accelerate and brake. Like on a gamepad.

    Now I tried modifying the thumbstick to just use left and right, but couldn't get it to work properly in conjunction with the accelerate and brake buttons. Somehow the acceleration and max speed were changed.

    I simply disabled the accelerate and brake for the thumbstick, and added two buttons for them instead.

    The mobile game I made has a portrait layout.

    This is the thumbstick example I'm using, created by LittleStain :

    If anyone has any suggestions, ideas, they're more than welcome.

  • Here is a basic example. You might need to tweak it for your game of course.

  • Hi,

    Thanks so much. I've been looking at the example, but I don't understand how to make a car move. Do I still use the car behavior? If so, how do I 'integrate' it so the car responds to the controls?

    Also, how do you know all this.. may sound silly but did it take you long to be able to code this? I'm trying to get better at programming but some things some times seem above my head.


  • Well, your question was about user controls and you didn't provide much details about your game. If you have a small car driving around on the screen, then here is an updated demo:

    If you are making a vertical scrolling game, like this, then you should probably use Bullet or some other behavior (not Car).


    As for your second question - I had some programming experience, so learning Construct was easier for me. But I actually improved a lot and learned hundreds of new things and tricks when I started reading and posting on this forum. Also google is your friend :)

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  • Thanks! That's what I was looking for.

    And yes - I do read a lot of posts here as well, Google is one of my best pals. Often I find solutions here on the forum - no new topics needed.

    Thanks again, you're very helpful.

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