What is the best way to control enemy patterns in a shmup

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  • hello everyone I am trying to create a shmup in construct 2 a shmup is an old type of arcade game where the player must avoid bullets and enemy ships which fly at the player in patterns I have not seen any other games made with C2 like this there are space shooter games, but the enemies in those games seem to be randomised anyway, I was wondering what would be the quickest and best way to control the patterns of the enemies here is an example of the sort of thing I want to make

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    right now I am using the Moveto plugin but that is taking forever since I have to enter the destination x and y for every place I want the enemy to head to is there a plug in which lets me just place waypoints?

    This is what it is like for me to create just one wave of enemies

  • I made one just for fun in a day or two a while back. If I remember correctly I used the bullet and sine behaviors for the different patterns.

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  • sine of course i don't surpose you could post a example?

    (edit) I just tried sine a behavior I honestly forgot existed and died in 2 clicks what took me almost an hour before I can't believe I was so stupid that said if any knows of a plug-in which lets you quickly program waypoints I would appreciate it

  • Look at plugins list i think there was a couple path plugins.

    I haven't used the moveto plugin but I think you can use it to do what you want. Just put your list of points in a comma separated list and use it like so:

    Global text points="10,32, 100,40, 600,2"

    Global number index=0

    Global number goalx=0

    Global number goaly=0



    --- add 2 to index

    Every tick

    --- set goalx to int(tokenat(points, index, ","))

    --- set goaly to int(tokenat(points, index+1, ","))

    --- move to goalx, goaly

    Or something along those lines.

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