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  • I have four variable's:





    Every time they overlap a waypoint there next waypoint is increased until they hit the last one and the it resets to one, This is how i am trying to determine the players current position(for a racing game).

    But how can i determine which position he is in from this?

    I know how to determine if he's in last place or first place, but i need to know if he's in second or third also..

    Anyone have some knowledge they wish to share?

  • Don't understand why you have 3 NPC object instead of 3 instances of the same object

    Forgot to ask last time I saw your capx

  • Simply because that is the only way i could figure out how to add a logical timer board type thing, I was planning on having the times of each npc, and position at the end of the race(This part i can do) Im just struggling on the logic for calculating the players position during the race.

  • hmmm With your waypoint detector system (the orange sprites) you just have to compare laps and waypoint. But indeed you can't easily evaluate pixel by pixel when a car goes in front of another one. As in a race the space continuum is bent by the shape of the track.

    BUT that does not explain why you use different object for NPC.

    If you want different name, just use a variable with the name of the NPC

    If you want different speed parameter, you can tweak each instance

    If you want to count the number of lap or current waypoint for each NPC, just create an instance variable which will old the count for each.

    This way you can calculate position easily :

    NPC: X greater than FinishLine.X
    NPC: is overlapping FinishLine
       -> NPC: set backward to true
    NPC: X less than FinishLine.X
    NPC: is overlapping FinishLine
    NPC: [INVERT] is backward
       -> NPC: set crossing to true
    NPC: [INVERT] is overlapping FinishLine
        NPC: is crossing
           -> NPC: add 1 to lap
        Every tick
           -> NPC: set crossing to false
           -> NPC: set backward to false

    backward booleans are use to check if things goes in the right direction when you cross the finish line.

    For waypoint you will just have to check

    NPC is overlapping waypoint
       -> NPC: set trackPosition to waypoint ID

    Then you can calculate relative position with this formula:

    Every tick
        -> NPC: set racePosition to NPC.lap*waypoint.Count+NPC.trackPosition

    if your NPC crossed the line 3 times and is at the 5th waypoint and you have 20 waypoint, his position will be:

    3*20+5 = 65

    Then you just have to go through all your NPC to check position.

    Unfortunately we still don't have a foreach ordered by.

    So you will have to do a for loop between 0 and the max number of possible lap*number of waypoint.

    For instance if you have a race which last nbLap laps

    Global variable inc=1
    for 0 to nbLap*Waypoint.Count
        Local variable check=0
        NPC: racePosition equal loopindex
            -> NPC: set place to inc
            -> System: set check to 1
        Player: racePoistion equal loopindex
            -> Player: set place to inc
            -> System: set check to 1
        System: check equal 1
            -> System: add 1 to inc

    This assume you run the same kind of calculation for the player object.

    Which makes me think that you could also have the player object be the same as the other NPC but just deactivate NPCs by using a boolean you set in property panel.

    NPC: is Player
      -> activate the race behavior
      -> deactivate the bullet behavior
    NPC: [INVERT] is Player
      -> activate the bullet behavior
      -> deactivate the race behavior
      -> run the AI

    This way you can really have less event to maintain

    (Of course if there were families... You could just put NPC and Player into the same family and run all the above stuff just for the family)

  • Wow!! thanks, This is really in depth and usefull, im sure to allot of people.

    I manged to Get the lap counter part for the NPC's working(I Think)

    But the second part confused me a little.

    I changed it to instances of the one NPC, the others are still there just toggled disabled -- encase i cannot get this working.

    Can you look at my capx and let me know what i did wrong?


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  • encase that didn't show my appreciation, THANK YOU!!! :D :D :D

  • Thanks for making the timer better aswell(bet you though i wouldn't notice ) ;-D

  • Oh no I know you would.

    That I didn't really know is if you would really understand all that I did (: (but that's a bit pretentious isn't it? :D)

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