Best way to collaborate with multiple programmers on C2?

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  • Hello. I have been using C2 for over a year now, and it is a great program. In that time frame, I noticed that C2 can only be programmed by one person at a time. To collaborate with multiple people, I was thinking about using a source manager like Github, but C2 is not a text-based programming software. What is the best way to collaborate with multiple programmers on C2? Please feel free to suggest any ideas and how they will work. Thanks

  • All of the files C2 creates for projects -- event sheets, layouts, etc -- are XML, which lends itself well to source control systems like Git. Just make sure you push a C2 project folder to your repo instead of a CAPX(which is just a zipped project folder with a different extension).

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  • Never thought about it like that (kept sharing the capx), but how would that work if 2 branches have problem merging? Would it show the merge error in C2? Anyways Thanks Linkman2004 I'll try that out soon.

  • My suggestion would be to avoid having multiple people working on the same things simultaneously if possible. Of course, I'm sure with experience you'll learn to fix merge conflicts without causing problems in C2 itself.

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