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  • in rpg game i use on spirte with deference animation for what class it is.. also i make variable on this Sprite with STats:..STs DEx,Con, LVL HP Armor, Weapon etc etc...

    my mind stop now why i need to give A spell or ability when player is Level 1,2,3,4,5,... etc etc max 25lvl atm

    what can i do now?? what is the best think for this??

    1. make a ton variable inside sprite for any class ? e.x Warrior lvl 1 he have 4abiliyl.. lvl +2 5abilitys ,,priest have 10 spell in lvl 1,,priest lvl 2 +15 new spell etc etc this all cost a ton variable inside one Sprite..and

    is this the best way ?

    and after all this the next step is the enemy!! is good think to continue and create instance variable for any ability or Spell all this in one sprite??

    i dont know what is the best setup...

    i choose to make only one sprite to avoid and create 100 deference sprite for any hero or enemy...

    and last one!! all sprite when spawn in layer the user can control all of them is Grid Game

  • You could use 'Families' for Classes, so Priest 'Family' has a set number of stats and spells. When Player chooses class you add them to the Family and they gain all Priest stats and abilities. For the spells you just use events if Priest is level 1 > certain spells are unlocked, if Priest is level 2 > other spells are unlocked. Depends how detailed your game is tbh.

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  • You can create xml and store data in xml, and read it when player gain level.

    Or you can create text string variable and store information there, for example: level one skill,level one skill;level two skill, level two skill;level three skill.... But this can be problematic

  • Use array or dictionary, or any type of data structure you feel comfortable using that will hold the general informations for the spell as a lookout table.

    Possibly use a contained array to your character that will hold the indexes to the spell and look for the required informations depending on its current level, and so on.

  • I am in the process of doing this find a free excel program to use and start making your list of stuff

    And download rex csv to array plug-in and then add the cvs program in the file folder of the project. then reference the cvs to array to your cvs file.

    Trust me when i say this has made it possible to build large complex stat based games so much easier and you can directly edit the cvs file when needed so you dont have to rebuild or add in any new lines of code. just need to simply reference to what X and Y of the array.

    If you are curious im in the process of making a simple pokemon clone. And right now im almost finish I just need to figure out how to reference the data in the array by name.

  • This sound good..im figure how yo refence the data in array and array from using skill and skill make effect and aoe dmg...im very confused atm !@

    if any one can make a simble capx i will be glad..how to call a skill per lvl and how to hold the skill and how to use the skill..this sound like invetory skil slot?

  • I didnt see your post but um read the manual on array it explain alot about how to get data from the array oh and did you get my capx ?

  • Gearworkdragon

    oh ty alot.. still working but is very comblex that i need i do .. :/ we talk about 2 class Priest and wizard with 200 skill per class. oO for every new lvl his learn 20 new skill.. and every level he can use 1-2 level..

    example 1

    Priest lvl 5 his can learn 4 skill from lvl 1 , 2 skill from lvl 2, and 1 skill from level 3... and go on...

    but every lvl the list from spell is about 12-20...

    i want to create a shop button and this shop show me all skill per lvl.. and the player have energy ball thats can buy what spell he like.. the energy ball is the limited skill can buy !!

    example 2

    .. lvl 5 his have 4 blue energy ball and with this blue ball he can buy only 4 spell from lvl 1 ,, 2 red EB for lvl 2 skill etc etc.. ... like i say pefore ex.1

  • Is this Skill like class point to invest into passive and active skill/spells.

    Your example one is really rather confusing. Can you re-write it a little better. I know us game developer have poor ability in grammar and such. But its important to do spell check and stuff so that we can communicate a little better. I mean I am native in the English language and i still struggle but just try to re check your wording so that we are both on the same page.

    and about the shop thingy its pretty simple you could make out another array and define it as such and use it to populate the shop based on levels of your class so that it doesnt spoil the end game spells but rather make us wonder what is the next level of spell to choose from.

    But im not there yet im still working on the function so far I can load the array into another array using param and value. im still learning as much as you are just give me a heads up if you get stuck somewhere and I can try to think up a logic and code.

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