Best Way To Build A Vault of Gold Coins?

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  • I would like to build a vault of coins..

    Where the player would click on sprite and the amount of coins in variable would release to the bottom of the vault, stacking the coins.

    I am unsure of which behavior to use for the coins.

    + Physics

    + Bullet

    + MoveTo

    I prefer not to have the coins vibrate when they hit the ground and be able to be stacked.

    Also, each time the player comes back to his vault, the coins would be spawned again.

    Any suggestions on which behavior to use for this type of mechanic.

    Basically I am looking to make a scrooge Mc Duck type of vault where the players can drop coins and load them up in the vault.


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  • Off the top of my head, I doubt you'd want to use physics because it would be slow (if there were hundreds for example) and they'd tumble over as they stack. So yes, just a simple bullet behaviour and have them move downwards until they collide with another coin? If you want to simulate some kind of gravity, you could have the speed increase as they fall or something?

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