what is the best way to add music?

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  • I added a music file and its huge on the system.

    and on the loading it takes ages.

    what is the best way to integrate 5mb mp3 file to construct 2?


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  • Not really sure there is a best way to integrate music files. You could try to reduce the bitrate on import. If its because you don't want to wait for the loading. You can use Audacity and cut out a section that you can use for testing while making your game and when you are done copy over the correct audio file. At least that way you can add the music and test that it works etc.

    Another solution is to make a variable containing the audio file name and just change that around from the test file to the correct file when you are done. Obviously you would have to add the variable name instead of the audio filename the places where you used it with the audio object.

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