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  • Hi guys,

    looking at creating a character that can walk around a layout with believable movement, meaning that I can have around 32 different angles the character can face. I'm able to do this with 4 directions changing the angle, but that required 4 different animations, and an event to go alongside each one. Doing this with 32 different directions will require 32 animations for standing, 32 more for walking, etc, etc.

    Please find the below link to download a test version I made in another program: Click here

    This took about 15 minutes to put together, and didn't require any events, but I know when I do move onto event editing, it'll turn into a real chore, so ideally I'd like to do it within C2. I've also attached the images I've used, so if anyone knows of a super easy/clever way to pull off what I show in the attached, that'd be great!

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  • Something like this?

    3Darrow_rotation.capx (r116)

  • Thanks Nimtrix!

    Yeah, something like that (very clever by the way)! I'll need to study it a little more, but do you know of a way to have the arrow look in a direction based on movement, rather than looking at an external source? I tried adding the car behaviour to this one, and it just started rotating the sprite. Turned that off, and it didn't rotate anything at all.

    I intend to tie this in to movement with path finders, arrow based control, etc. In the example I included, the 'behaviour' movement was using the car movement. I hope to eventually have around 50+ characters moving around a layout all using this kind of 'look'.

  • Check out the example in the FAQ called "Diablo-like movement" by Yann, I think that should cover most of what you need.

  • Thanks Nimtrix,

    Still following a mouse though rather than keyboard, and that Diablo example is showing 16 animations and 22 lines of code with quite a bit of math that goes over my head to produce 8 directions of movement and 2 types of animations.

    It's impressive stuff, but I imagine it'll become very tricky when I come to do this with 32 directions and a dozen different animations for each one.

    I guess there's no straight forward way to hit my goal on this one then. It's a brilliant feature in the other program, and I hope something similar can be introduced into Construct 2.

    <img src="" border="0" />

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