Bejeweled style game?

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  • Hi everyone,

    Can you guys point me in the right direction as to how I can make a bejeweled styled game? I don't need step by step instructions, just an overall approach. If 3rd party plugins/behaviors are required, can you tell me which ones?


  • Searching the forum's about wouldn't hurt , would it ?

    Tutorial on How to Create a Match-3 Game

  • Whiteclaws, thanks for your response. I did try searching the forums, I found a link to rex's plugins but I couldn't really follow the documentation, it seemed too complex for me.

    The link you sent me looks GREAT! Do you know if the part 2 for that tutorial is finished yet?

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  • *After Reading a bit of the comments section*

    I see there is still interest in this tutorial, but I'm afraid I abandoned this blog for over a year now. However about half of the 2nd part already exists as a draft and I might still finish up and publish the piece.

    To point you to an alternative you can actually use right now, go and check out the following forum posts by rexrainbow:

    I don't think so , Which is very dissapointing

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