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  • Okey... so. To put it bluntly. How can i force an object to push OUT or IN of another object in C2. It was a childplay in CC but in C2 the Custom Movement is like broken.

    <img src="http://img208.imageshack.us/img208/2528/kyzt.jpg" border="0" />

    Just look at this. Do i have a broken copy of C2???

  • I would say the first thing to do is stop trying to compare CC with C2. They are not the same program.

    C2 is a new program that is still in development. Like every other development environment - just deal with what tools you have. I'm sure Ashley will enhance and add more features to C2 when he has the chance.

  • What the heck happened?

    You are working with another program, so don't expect it to work like it's the same.

    A lot of the possibilities I see on the right, still exist, for instance change horizontal speed, change vertical speed and change speed are combined in change speed.

  • You guys are joking right? please tell me you are joking.

    I remember 4-5 years ago, when i was reporting various issues with CC and i would keep on bumping people (i restrain myself from calling them "fanboys") who would defend CC even for the cost of their own life, regardless how broken it was at times.

    And now i hear the same bullsh*t over again.

    So what exactly changed for BETTER...? Except that now you have to pay for the engine.

    I am not requesting anything fancy, no shaders, no quantum physics. Just the very basic things, the damn foundations. And sorry - C2 was not released yesterday. Its been for a while now. And it cost now.

    So drop that tone will you?

    I cannot understand why people nowadays accept like anything thats being throw at them and keep on smiling. Have some self-respect, respect the money you keep on spending. Ashley and the crew don't need your sympathy and sweet-talking - it doesn't pay the bills. I hate how this community keep on comming up with excuses each time someone complain about something. "its hard to implement", "its still in developing", "it will be added eventualy","don't be so demanding". Makes me wanna throw up. C2 just like CC - can easly dominate the market but it needs constructive support from the community. CRITICISM. Not buttlicking. Same damn story that burried CC, happening all over again. But whatever.

    The point is - when moving from CC to C2 - i was promised from various sources (both official and unoffical) that C2 is like CC just bigger, better and constantly updated. So finaly i took the bait and switched. And now when i actually gone into work i see half of the silly old CC features not being present. And i am not talking about fancy Layout Object (you people even now what that is? Of course you don't bah) or some crazy ass shaders or 3D box who preety much no one used. I am talking about basics. DAMN basics. I open up conditions/actions and i see half of what i know that should be there - GONE.

    Are you - who defend C2 so madly - even tried CC for once? even for a week? Then how do you DARE to give me reprimands?!

    Going back to where it started: Custom Movement.

    In CC you could preety do whatever you wanted using this alone. You wouldn't really need any other behaviour - you could emulate any other behaviour with CM and do 1000 % more. It was the core of CC. And here? its broken, deformed little shadow of what it once was. And i should be happy?!? Oh you really have the guts to tell me this, i give you that.

    But go a head = prove me wrong - my initial request stands unchanged.

    Heres the situation:

    1. There is a variable number of small objects being randomly spawned across the layout.

    2. They are all the same Object, just diffrent instances.

    3. They have to be moved away from each other when being closer then 128 pix.

    Now go ahead. Tell me how this can be done in C2. Because i don't know. In CC that'll be 1-2 events. But here? I am out of ideas. I have no clue. And i've spent last 4h trying to figure out a method.

    Now its your turn. So you can go with

    1. Try and help/resolve the case

    2. Continiue trying to lecture me

    If you are interested in picking number 2 - don't.

    If you feel the urge to be a jerk to someone - type 4chan.org. Theres planty of room for you there. I don't need it. I don't deserve it.

  • I didn't know I was lecturing you, I was just stating the obvious. When you work with a different program, the program will be different.

    Instead of complaining about C2 you could have just asked your question.

    short approximate answer to your question:

    put the object in a family.

    for each object

    system compare two values: distance(object.x, object.y, family.x, family.y) < 128

    and add your move action.

    I hope trying to help you will not result in another useless rant in which you accuse me of things that aren't true.

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  • Was "push out" one of those features only available in the licensed versions?

  • Now its your turn. So you can go with

    1. Try and help/resolve the case

    2. Continiue trying to lecture me

    I'll take Option 3: Skip my turn <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Wow, LittleStain, you are super cool to help this guy when he blows off with no reason whatsoever.

    Edit: Your solution works perfectly <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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