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  • Hello

    I'm not sure if it's possible or I'm missing something..

    Can I edit something from a behavior in a family?


    there are 5 sprites on a family all of them with bullet behavior and I want to change the speed of them to 50, but if I look at the family actions there's no bullet category..

  • Family behaviors are not yet supported - it's on our todo list.

  • Oh, that's good to know then!

    I was trying to stop only the sprites that was overlapping on the same family and I have solved that problem with 2 events but forgot to save and minutes later I have NO idea how I made that.. God.. that's crazy =/


    family is - units

    and there is sprite1 and sprite2..

    sprite1 have a variable player 1 and sprite2 is player 2.

    If I make an event like units overlapping units, it will activate even if sprites from player1 is overlapping another sprites of the player 1.

    But I want only to activate if its overlapping sprites from player 2.

    I have added some more conditions to the event to make it work but now have no idea what I did and forgot to save..

  • Any ETA Ashley? <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />. Thanks.

    Guif0DA Why don't you just write exactly what you need, as in:

    units overlapping sprite2


    sprite1 overlapping sprite2

    or perhaps

    units overlapping sprite

    sprite compare instance variable = player2


  • because there will be alot of sprites for each player.

    as I said I managed to do that with units overlapping units + other conditions that I don't remember.. This reduce the number of events needed to make it work..

    Right now I managed to make it work again but I had to make 2 new families, player 1 family and player 2 family and then:

    units overlapping player 1(family)

    units variable = player 2

    and the same for overlapping player 2 and variable = player 1..

    Isn't the best way but it's working.. still.. I'm very intrigued how I made it work last time with only 1 family.. using units overlapping units

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  • This is now possible with latest beta:

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