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  • I want a "Beat n' up" capx. example. I don't know how to make an enemy react to a "punch animation". Can someone help me with this?

  • ok, try this example. my congpu guy is in there too :D.

    anythings you don't understand you can ask me here. (Sry for bad Eng T-T)

  • Try having something like...

    If Player.Animation = "Punch" Then

    If Player.Collision with Enemy.Collision = "True" Then

        Enemy.Hp = Enemy.Hp - Player.Attack

        Enemy.Animation = "Damage"

    End If

    End If

    sorry for my crappy suedo-code, I'm a terrible programmer but I can't think of how else to simply explain it lol

  • WOW! Thank you, guys! You are AWESOOOOOME!

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  • ok, try this example. my congpu guy is in there too :D.

    anythings you don't understand you can ask me here. (Sry for bad Eng T-T)

    Dude, thanks for attend my request too! <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • no problem, just try your best, bro !

  • farsmile90

    Why "Sprite13" and "Kick" are set to be destroyed at the begin of level? Anything special? And what mean this "pin"? I couldn't understand the major of events there HAHAHA. Sorry, I'm very noob. D:

    Another question: How many days did you take to make this game?



    Editing: You made the hit sprite invisible to spawn him at each collision point of the player and attack the enemies? (to treat the "hit" as a "bullet", right?) Thanks for the patience, I'm full of questions! lol

  • 1. When player kick and punch sprite 13 will spawn at image 1 of kick animation, when Sprite 13 spawn and colusion with enemy, they will die. and at the beginning of lvl, i make every 0.1 second sprite 13 destroy to make sure that the sprite13 don't effect the other enemy when player don't kick, 0,1 second enought to kill one enemy when kick and the other come closer don't die if not kick... Oh my god :))

    2. Pin behavior is very useful, you should learn it here first .

    When you already learned this tutorial you'll know what "pin" is.

    3. I make this game for 2 day... first day for graphic and animation and second for coding.

    4.ofcourse, and when enemy hit the sprite 13 ( mean kick), they will fall and slip on the ground at random distance.

  • OMG! I'm having so much fun studying your game, bro! Thanks a lot, you're being veeeery helpful and attentive! Thanks again! If I have any other question I'll come again :D

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