How do I beat 'em up?

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  • Hello for everybody! Sorry for my bad English, I am just study

    I hope, you can understand me and help me.

    There are a lot of topics in the forum where there are answers to the questions but the links lead to the dropbox(File not found). I wanted to do it myself but it did not work out. Help.

    1) How to make beat 'em up with the opportunity jump (2d, scrolling)

    2) how to make kick and punch in a game with collision.

    3) literature about Construct 2.

  • You couldt search on youtube, you will find tutorials about that

  • If you go to C2 Academy Videos it's the first one....

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  • Thank you, I've already looked at this but it does not answer my questions

  • Second answer I can do with overlapping but I'm interested in exactly with collision

  • No anybody can help?

  • No anybody can help?

    What type of beat 'em up do you want? How many planes?

    Single plane Side-scrolling (like SNES Power Rangers) or multi-plane (Like Double Dragon)?

    See the problem with your question is there are just so many elements that go into making a beat 'em up and questions that arise along with it:

    • 8-directional movement, solid collision boxes, enemy types, enemy ai, enemy projectile motion, enemy spawning, interactable objects character combos, enemy combos, control types, special attacks, life bar, types of special moves (grapple, bomb type, hit all enemies in screen type)

    I haven't even begun to scratch the surface as there are still many elements that have to be considered like User interface. I'm not here to discourage you but I highly suggest you look into all elements you think would go into making the individual components that make up a Beat 'em up.

    Start here:

  • Hi, thanks for the answer.

    I 'll make like Golden Axe. I'm using 8 directions. But it had a problem because a player can't jump. I find only this ... ldVZ0VQSUE (like golden Axe)

    It is very important for me. I found this here it's like the golden axe, but I can not understand how he did it. I want to learn. The second problem is how do I use the collisions if my hero uses a sword. There is no solid behaviour, here 8 directions. If I add a solid then its bad work. If there is a ready file for using a sword in collisions. Even when I have many enemies on the screen they all go to one place and together attack. (((

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  • "MPPlantOfficial"

    Start here: there no answer for my question

  • There is a beat em up platformer and a side scroller template available at the Scirra store. Side scroller is similar mechanics to Golden Axe, but also includes Jumping ability. You just need to swap graphics with your own. Create similar number of frames per each animation (jump, Walk, Combo...etc) to make it easier. Pay attention to the added instance Variables attached to S_Character, S_Platform, and so forth....particularly the "State."

    Not sure, but you can try creating a small sprite and give it the platform behavior. Give your character a Pin Behavior and at start of layout pin your character to the sprite.

    Then set it when you press the desired button simulate sprite to jump. Give it a shot.

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  • Yohoho...not sure if you need more clarification on something. Let me know and I can try to explain better.

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