How do I have beat em up esc movement.

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  • I'm making a game that's kind of sand-box like. But, the graphics style is (So far) beat em up with two way animation. So there is a left and right walk animation only, but the player can move 8 directions. My issue, is having the animation continue depending on which direction the player is facing. I also want to add jumping with 8 way movement. Not sure how I would do that but I have an idea.

  • Anyone? Please?

    Been trying to figure out a method all day.

    The walk animation only goes left and right. I cant seems to make the animation play when pressing up or down, depending on which direction the player is facing (Left or right.).

  • beatem up movement is best handled by 8 direction movement,

    jumping in an isometric beatem up is tough to get looking right (including dealing with obstacles and if you can jump ontop of them/ walk off them etc.

    so if your new to C2, try skipping jumping in beatemups for now.

  • Hi justintime0185,

    when having 8-way movement, give the player also the platform-movement behaviour and set initial state to false. Make a new event, if space (or an another button) is pressed = simulate jump (platform behaviour). I think its the simplest way to achieve jumping with 8-way movement. (you'll have to add a keyboard to your project file, if you want to get it done by pressing a key, otherwise youll need a sprite for the GUI input and a mouse/touch object in your project; then: "if sprite is clicked/touched then simulate jump").



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  • Thanks. I figured I could do that for jumping or play with the collision in the animation.

    I still need assistance with the I direction movement. I know how to implement it. But Im having trouble with having the animation mirror based on which direction the player was previously facing when pressing up or down. Basically, I don't have or want an up or down animation. I want the animation to automatically be my left or right one. Because every time I press up, the animation snaps to the side I set it as. Like, if the character is walking left and then stops, when I press up to move up, the 'Walk' animation should play depending on where the player is facing instead of snapping to either left or right. Does anyone understand what I mean?

  • I have an animation of a velociraptor walking left, I've made the left and right variants of this. When I press up or down nothing happens. So, that's awkward. I tried playing with the mirror functon but that just snaps it in the fixed area. So, if my raptor is walking left in game and I press up, the raptor will snap the the right variant of the animation.

    Now, I recently thought maybe if I add the on pressed left key and on held up key, as an event and do the same for the right key, maybe it will work.

  • If its like "after left key pressed, hold up key and L animation place." However, I'm not sure if it will work.

  • That didn't work.

    Any clues?

  • on key "left" pressed - set raptor to mirrored

    on key right pressed - set raptero to not mirrored

    he will stay facing whichever last direction you pressed.

  • Yes but what about the up and down keys? How do I get the animation to play either left or right walk animations when pressing up or down based on which direction the player was facing.

  • Yes but what about the up and down keys? How do I get the animation to play either left or right walk animations when pressing up or down based on which direction the player was facing.

    Oh gosh. I Apologize greatly! It works fine. I just misinterpreted the 'Set to mirrored' and didn't understand how it works. It works fine now. Thank you so much, and sorry again. Just had to re-read the code to understand it. Because I was initially doing something similar, and it at first sounded like a broken record until I realized the difference between on holding, and on pressed. Also, I didn't understand that set mirrored actually SETS it to mirrored and doesn't reset after the code was initiated. Silly me.

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