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  • Has anyone successfully used construct r127 to export to blackberry 10?

    I have been playing around all day and have not been successful yet.

    The exported files have 2 bat files, one for packaging, and one deploying. Off the bat they cause errors.

    I used the exported files in ripple, which works. Once I load the files into the blackberry simulator I get a blank screen.


    I figured all you would need to do is use export to blackberry 10 and then you get your bar file. This is not the case for me. Anyone else have any luck? I used the forum search but did not find anything (not shocking since this was just released).

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  • In my test while developing it, it worked fine for Space Blaster. The package .bat should work right away providing you entered the correct details at export time, and the deploy .bat needs modifying before it will work (you just need to put your device password and IP address in it - the tutorial we'll be writing soon will cover this)

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