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  • Hi Guys,

    I am trying to create a game similar to this.

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    I managed to get an infinite scrolling background working, but how do I create the illusion that the enemy is part of the background? I would like to be able to stop the scrolling from time to time and continue from there.

    Here's what I have so far

    Infinite scrolling

  • I don't see the problem. I suppose if you want more of a melding of the illusion. add some kind of closer scrolling foreground or ground that relates to enemy motion more

  • I guess that's the one I have no clue on. If the enemy were to stop suddenly, how would I recenter the camera and scrolling rate ?

  • Well I don't know how you are moving your background. I'm not really sure how your working with your layout. Do you have a very large wide layout. or is in a single layout size equal to viewport and your just moving your background objects.

    However if you want to link the speed of motion to the background you could do a translation of distance from center to speed ratio.

    background animation speed = distance(enemy, viewport center) * X

    so if your enemy is dead center the animation stops.

    if you have a very large wide layout. I'll think about it some more.

  • That actually might just work!! Thanks! I will try that out later. I am doing it as single layout, something like a treadmill. Right now there's three big identical cards just switch places everytime one of the card is near the end.

    I have thought of doing it to a very wide layout, would that actually be adviseable? It definitely would not be infinite scrolling anymore.

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  • Currently tested it on a few android Devices and it seems I am getting an average of 30 fps, where compared to PC, I am getting 50-60. Is there something wrong I have done? If you are able, please do test out the game above, your help is much appreciated!

    I am creating the game at 1280*720, would that be advisable or would it better to create it at half resolution?

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