How do I batch resize objects or sprites?

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  • Is there anyway to mass resize an objects entire sprite set? I can't find any resize by %, only by number. I made the mistake of cropping the sprites, so the only way to resize them all is to re-calculate each individual frame. If they all had the same sprite size, I could just calculate for one sprite, and then batch resize the rest with that in mind.

    I was thinking of reverse resizing to their original size for all, and just center the sprite, then afterwards resize them all from their uniform size.

    But I wanted to make sure there is a more efficient way of doing this, like some button I missed. The fastest way I could think of is have Photoshop batch resize the entire sprite directory by 50%, since I need everything reduced by half since the game is too image heavy for mobile. But I feel using an outside program will FUBAR the internal stuff when I reopen it.

  • Good Morning.

    Under (Resize Image Canvas), check Apply to Whole Animation. And all frames will be resized from the first.

  • Hi, I kind of implied being able to use that feature in the second verse. D : With the mention of center sprite. Since the other options are stretch and another.

    I meant, is there anyway to resize by a percentage? And not just that, but have the entire project resized?

    Since you the method you mentioned, will only apply that to that set of animations. If a character has multiple sets, you have to go through each, and if they have been trimmed already, then you gotta carefully do it. I'll have to test to make sure my "align-center" theory works. if a characters sprites weren't centered to begin with, it becomes problematic.

    EDIT: So there is no fast method? I spent 2 hours making changes to code when it turned out I could have used replace with object to achieve the same thing in 10 mintues, I don't want to make that same mistake again. D : Is there no quick feature for mass size reduction by using a percentage? I just need to resize everything by 50%, and there is hours of assets to resize.

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  • Maybe by exporting the images and resizing in an external app, (Photoshop for example), you achieve your goal ....

  • I'll try that out, my experience with another game making program where I used Photoshop to Mass resize led to a problem where in-game, the objects containing the sprites remained the same size, so I ended with objects containing a x2 resize of the smaller new image, making them blurry at high res.

    Although, the solution I found to that was that open the game's XML files and using a text editors mass find and replace function (such as replacing all instances of size 420 with 210) and managed to mass change a lot of stuff like that without destroying the game itself. It was great to see 100+ instances of something be replaced in 5 seconds(as oppossed to going through each individually and taking an hour or two to make the same change).

    I value efficiency where it's possible since only immortals can afford to daddle on tedious and repetitive tasks or take the unneccesary way for long periods of their life. : /

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