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  • I didn't find this question in the How do I thread but maybe I overlooked.

    Let's say I have two example projects. Project A and Project B

    I got them both open in construct 2. Is there an easy way to copy content from Project B into Project A without having two projects in one capx file.

    I ask this because I wanted to use some tutorials here like for instance start with the simple sprite menu tutorial and then add other content from other projects into this project but I have a really hard time doing this I thought this would be really straightforward but it seems it's not.


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  • Oops wrong section could someone post this in the right section. Thanks.

  • mmmmm well its possible....but ....You may have issues if your two projects dont have the identical objects ...if you get me..

    As your event sheets are built and rely upon objects with the same names to be present in the project you would need to have a system copy or Import the Objects first...then and Only then would you be able to import the Event sheets that access those objects...

    The issue is about how events are built...They rely exclusively on named objects being present otherwise they just wont function....

    so yes it's possible..I have done it...but you need to follow that procedure above...I am not aware of any other method...but happy to be corrected on this..

  • Ok but when I have the two projects open I can only drag the whole project into the other project tab. And not for instance only 1 layer.

    In project A I have for instance like this :


    Layer A

    In Project B I got this :


    Layer B


    Event 1

    In Project A I only want the layer from Project B without importing the whole project I seem to be unable to drag and drop only the layer from project B into project A.

    Or is this because both of the sample projects are capx? If I extract the capx into folders and then drag the content from project B into A that might work?


  • you can copy and paste events   (control click to select individual, or shift click to select multiple)   but as mystazsea mentioned, you need to have all the same object/names or else it won't work.   

    My suggestion to you is... do a side by side comparison, and create the events yourself. This will help you learn the software, and get a better understanding of the events/order of events and such

  • Indeed, before copying instances from a project to another, you need to create the same object type in the destination project.

    "Simple" drag and drop is not the way to go.

    Once the objects types (and possibly global variables) are the same in both projects, drag dropping instances and events should work as intended.

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