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  • I just bought Construct 2, not to make a new Android game, but to improve one that it's already on Google Play.I'm having a hard time learning the basics, could you please help me? The game is called Wizard Wars ( ) and I want to ( maybe load it somehow in Construct 2's project ) and add some new spells/buffs/functionalities.

    I already searched for some help with this type of game, but no detailed results.

    Thank you in advance !

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  • You can't just take a published game and edit it, I'm afraid. Even if it were technically possible (which it's not), there are are legal restrictions in doing so.

    Instead, you need to create your own game from scratch, using whatever bits you like about that game, together with your proposed improvements. To learn how to use Construct2 to create games, read the manual on this site and open up the supplied examples - the description of the game sounds perfectly doable but, as you're new to programming, I suggest you start small - start with the basics of drawing a character to the screen and moving it around etc.

  • If you did not use Construct 2 to build the game in the first place I would assume it is pretty much impossible to import it into Construct 2... What engine/tools did you use to build the game in the first place? It is YOUR game, isn't it?



  • Oh, c'mon)

    Of course he can did this game in construct 2 (divide screen on 2 parts and go...this worked well in CC)

    and, of course, he can copy gameplay of this game.

    only, he have use different graphic

  • Kurz - nobody is saying that you can't create a game like this one in construct. What we're saying is that you can't import a compiled Android app into construct and edit it...

  • Thank you for your replies <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I already started to work on the game, although I'm having some problems with that multitouch control!

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