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  • how to compare 2 string that showed the result is almost true ...

    string 1 = Bill Gates

    string 2 = Bill

    result = almost true

    is there a good way to do this ????

  • You'd need to specify a bit more for what you consider 'almost true'. There are a bunch of string expressions, but from this example it's not clear what you want. Do you mean X letters are the same, X words, the words at the beginning, any words are the same...?

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  • Or do you mean something like soundex? Im not so shure this can be done in c2.

    I'd go with blackhornet's way and go compare the first word.

  • take a look in the manual for find()

    something like   find(varwithtext, "stringtolookfor")

    if stringtolookfor does not occur in varwithtext, it should get you a -1

    For every occurence, it will add 1 to the result.

    I think this is the implementation of javascripts IndexOf

    variable = "long text with some stuff"

    find(variable, "stuff")

    should give you 0

    variable = "long stuffed text with some stuff"

    find(variable, "stuff")

    should give you 1

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