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  • Hi guys,

    Ive got an issue with my current project.

    Im trying to make it so that when the spider man animation plays the chakra and sprite5 bars stay at their position till the animation is finished.

    It seems that my conditions Ive set contradict with this as Ive set it earlier that when the other animations are finished they go back to 0 width. Ive put my file up. Hope someone can help out

    Thanks again people of the community!

  • Don't know how to recreate your problem,because I haven't been able to get spiderman to show up on screen.

    All I have managed to do is fall of the tree..

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  • Hey little stain,

    Thanks for the reply. Basically the spiderman shows up when you press down on the touch, press z then press down on keyboard and press P.. Complicated I know but that should work.

    Have to do it fairly quick as the frame on sprute2 needs to be less than 10

    Let me know if it still doesn't show up :)

  • I'm sorry. It's impossible for me to do that. Maybe first you should change the controls so the game is actually playable..

    All I can think of is adding the condition sprite7 is not playing/visible to all the events regarding to setting chakra width to 0.

  • Hey littlestain,

    yeah its too hard so i am changing a few things actually.

    Its not a game yet anyway i am testing stuff lol.

    Thanks for the replies anyway!

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