Banner & Interstitial Ads with Pubcenter for Windows Apps

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  • Is it possible to have both Banner and Interstitial ads with Pubcenter?

    Reason i ask is because when you create an ad unit ID in Pubcenter, you have to create seperate ones for banner and interstitial, so you get a different ID for each (Application ID is also created but that stays the same).

    In Construct 2, the Pubcenter plugin allows you to only include one ad unit ID. So that would mean that only one of banner or interstitial would show depending one which ID you choose.

    With Admob plugin, you input both banner and interstitial ID but thats not the case with Pubcenter plugin.

    Has anyone made a Windows app using both banner and interstitial ads with Pubcenter? Would appriciate any help on the matter.

  • Never mind, I've just found out that if you use the 'Prepare Interstitial Ad' action, it'll ask for the Ad unit ID.

    Hopefully this will be of help to anyone else who was wondering this.

  • If you get both working in the same App I will be interested. I've tried and only have one or the other working at a time.

  • I haven't published my game live on Windows yet, so i'm not sure if i've got it working.

    I read somewhere that you also need to add the Windows Advertising SDK through References in Visual Studio.

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  • You can use the test ids for testing. ... ode-values

    you will probably need to add the winjs and Microsoft store, adverstising sdk from nuget after exporting to Visual studio

  • Any news?

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